Control with the command center
UnTouch Web

UnTouch Web is the user friendly command center. Here you can easily create tools just as users and view machine movements. Numerous predefined reports support you in evaluating them.

For usage, you only need a computer with internet access. Using the Internet, you can log in to your UnTouch system on the computer and manage the borrowing and return of tools, machines and office equipment. The application can be run from any location and is password protected. Your personal access data will be sent to you after ordering in the shop by e-mail.

Depending on the assigned authorization level, the owner, store manager or employee can perform different actions.

The operation takes place on a secure web server located in Germany with no additional costs for you.



Enter the key data of your tools and machines and assign them a UnTouch Tool Tag. In addition, you can define the storage location, maintenance intervals and a service location, as well as notes and documents, such as user manuals.

Mass articles & consumables

In addition to regular tools, you can also manage mass articles and consumables such as hammers or work gloves. This gives you even more overview and control over your devices, materials and tools.

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Tool sets

The tool sets function gives you the option of combining tools, extensions and accessories that belong together as a tool set. These sets accelerate the booking process and clarify the connection between individual tools.

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Maintain the possible locations of your tools as well as their storage, maintenance and repair locations inside and outside the company. Additional sublevels are available for each location, which make a more precise assignment possible.

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In the Users area, you create and manage the people who use UnTouch, assign them an UnTouch person tag, define their address affiliation and the permissions in UnTouch Web and App.


Users with the Service role are used for internal and external tool maintenance and repair. If a tool is handed over to a service location, an editable e-mail is automatically generated to provide information to the service user.


Addresses arrange your created users and service users in groups and map affiliations. The information set in the address data record is displayed for all users assigned to it. Various information is available for this.

Data import

Especially when setting up UnTouch for the first time, the data import function helps you to comfortably create a large number of new locations and tools automatically or to return to a previous status.

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Borrow & return

Borrow tools similar to the UnTouch app. These are kept under a process number, via which they can then be returned in the same way. You also have the option of issuing a borrow and return slip.

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The journal informs you in a chronological list about when which tools were borrowed or returned by which employee. You can also see at which location the tool is located or where it was stored.

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Preset reports provide knowledge and information about employees, tools and moving machines. Choose from several report templates, such as tools per employee, tools per location or upcoming maintenance dates.

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View the locations of the tools and machines you have booked on a map. For this the geo-coordinates of the location address, the GPS data from the smartphone or the UnTouch warehouse or vehicle tracker are used. Several tools in one place are summarised in list form.

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My tools

If you are logged in with your user name,"My tools" gives you an overview of the tools you are currently borrowing. This function is also available in the UnTouch App. Here you use your UnTouch Person Tag for identification.


Take stock of a created location and find out which devices, tools and machines are actually on site in a target / actual comparison - for a specific date, e.g. for an annual inventory of the tool storage rooms, but also at any other time.

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Reserve tools for a specific period of time. A corresponding note of this will then be displayed during the borrowing process of this tool on the UnTouch App. In UnTouch Web, all reservations are displayed in a calendar or table view.

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In the "Documents" area, you can upload new papers such as test documents and operating instructions and manage those already existing. Maintain their key data and assign them to one or more tools. The documents can then also be viewed on the go with the UnTouch App.

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Record the condition of your tools when they are borrowed or returned. Is e.g. a measuring device under repair you can quickly determine where it is. Set regular maintenance intervals so that they are being followed. Archive the inspection documents of the maintenance.

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Price groups

Price groups allow you to bill for tools that have borrowed. Define the prices and billing cycle for a tool or conveniently as a standard for an entire tool category. The billing itself takes place via a report in Excel format.


Get a direct overview of the availability of your tools, devices and machines at the selected location in real time with the UnTouch GeoTags, warehouse and vehicle trackers.

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In the administration area you create users and service partners, organize your locations and tools using categories, use the price groups to prepare for invoices, get an overview of the available recording devices and import data.

Other highlights

Meter reading query (e.g. operating hours or mileage counter)

The login into UnTouch Web

Register tools in UnTouch Web

The cockpit of UnTouch Web

The tool detail info tab

Working with the table view


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Try UnTouch Web for free now!

Visit our UnTouch demo application for a first impression of the UnTouch Web information interface using a construction site operation as an example. You can start directly with the help of the user guide in UnTouch Web.

User name: gast
Password: gast

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The smartphone - UnTouch Phone + App

The UnTouch Phone with its preinstalled UnTouch app allows you to capture the borrowing and return of tools contactless without typing in numbers and names. For this it uses the NFC (near field communication) technology. With it you can also read out information of the UnTouch Tags. Handling the UnTouch Phone is easy for all users of modern mobile phones. The clear and transparent user guidance in the app leads you through all steps.

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UnTouch Shop

You can purchase the UnTouch Starter and Inventory Package via our online shop. In addition to the packages, you have the option to order additional components such as additional smartphones or tool and person tags.

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