UnTouch Tracking

Tool availability live at a glance

With the Tracking extension you get a direct overview of the availability of your tools, devices and machines at the selected location in real time. Manual tool bookings are no longer necessary as the location mapping is carried out automatically. For this purpose, the tools are equipped with UnTouch GeoTags, while the storage and site locations are fitted with UnTouch Storage Trackers and the vehicles with UnTouch Vehicle Trackers to be monitored. The UnTouch GeoTags contain both the NFC technology known from the UnTouch Tool Tags and bluetooth and can therefore be used in a hybrid manner. This means you can continue to make bookings as usual and receive automated notifications at the same time.

Three additional components

The previously known components UnTouch Web, app and NFC tags are supplemented with the tracking extension by three new components, which interaction makes your daily work in the area of ​​storage and material management easier.

UnTouch GeoTags

hybrid with Bluetooth and NFC for tool identification


By using UnTouch GeoTags, the devices, machines and tools to be tracked are marked. The battery life of the GeoTags is three to five years. In addition to the device information, temperature and humidity data can also be transmitted. The GeoTags can be used in a temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees and have IP67 protection.

UnTouch Storage Tracker

for stationary availability detection of nearby tools


In order to determine the availability of tools, storage and site locations are equipped with Storage Trackers. These enable the localisation of tools nearby and transmit the availability information to UnTouch Web and App via LAN or WLAN. Depending on the size and characteristics of the room, additional trackers can be used.


UnTouch Vehicle Tracker

for mobile availability detection of nearby tools


This mobile GPS tracker is intended for use in vehicles or on construction sites where no fixed WiFi is available in order to document the availability of tools in these locations. The mobile data connection takes place via an included IoT SIM card.

Tracking cockpit with live activities and tool locations

When you access UnTouch Web, the extension provides you with both the new tracking cockpit and the previous tagging cockpit with manual bookings via NFC tags. In the tracking cockpit you receive information about the inputs and outputs of tools and devices at the tracked locations. Any change in availability is displayed in real time.


Information output on different channels

In addition to displaying availability information in the cockpit, it can also be issued in the form of text and voice notifications or via email. For example, a smart speaker can be used for notification via a hook URL.

This gives you the flexibility to receive information in the way that best suits your workflow. The versatility in notification allows you to always be aware of the availability of your devices and tools in real time, no matter where you are. This comprehensive solution makes managing and monitoring your resources even more efficient and user-friendly.


Overview of your tracking components

The “Availability” menu item in the UnTouch App and Web interface allows you to view the tools that are equipped with UnTouch GeoTags and the locations with UnTouch Vehicle or Storage Trackers. Tools are displayed at the last location recorded by a tracker. You will also receive a notification when a tool leaves the area covered by the tracker and reappears at a different location.


UnTouch Tracking Extension

Existing customers have the opportunity to supplement their existing system by purchasing the UnTouch Tracking Extension via our online shop. All previous NFC tracking functions are retained. The tracking components can be added during ongoing operation. The UnTouch Vehicle Tracker is available separately. Additional UnTouch inventory trackers and UnTouch GeoTags can be added to the system at any time.


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