UnTouch - Software for gardening and landscaping companies, forest enterprises, snow removal services and garden care services

Determine the location of your work equipment even outdoors in gardening and landscaping

In a gardening and landscaping business, employees are given a variety of machines, tools and measuring instruments for the construction site every day. The frequently encountered machine management with notes, books and signature lists is very error-prone. With UnTouch you can manage your machines and tools and identify their current users with the job site. UnTouch is a mobile, web-based management software that keeps track of your machines anytime, anywhere.

The machine is given out by the lender to the employees. The borrower, rental period and place of use are registered with the smartphone. After completion, the employees return the machines and the necessary information is stored in the UnTouch system.

With the new map function, you will receive the current geocoordinates of your work equipment with each scan of the tool tag and can view them on a map.

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Target group

  • Gardening and landscaping companies
  • Forest enterprises
  • Snow removal services
  • Garden care services

Areas of application

  • Borrowing and return of work machines such as shredders, tree trimmers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, etc.
  • Borrowing and return of keys for mini excavators, tractors, tracked forklifts and transporters
  • Reservation of working machines
  • Warehouse management of mass articles and consumables such as faucets and hose pieces
  • Availability check
  • Inquiry on site (who borrowed what and when)
  • Recording of engine hours
  • Compliance with maintenance intervals

Used components

  • UnTouch Web
  • Untouch Phone + App
  • UnTouch Tags

Planned options

  • Spare parts module
  • Connection to external systems (eg software for billing)
  • Accessories localization

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