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Keep track of medical devices and tools in everyday care and clinical practice

In medical supply stores, care facilities and hospitals, the employees work every day with a variety of medical devices, tools and measuring instruments. In addition to the effective planning of operations and treatments, an adequate supply of sterile mass products and consumable items such as syringes, gloves and face masks must also be ensured. The frequently encountered administration using slips of paper, output books and signature lists is very error-prone and confusing. With UnTouch you can manage your existing medical devices, tools and measuring instruments and record their current users and their location. At the same time, you keep track of the consumables in circulation, their remaining stock and sources of consumption. UnTouch is a mobile, web-based management software with which you can keep track of your resources anytime and anywhere.

UnTouch Web Cockpit

journal of the tools borrows and returns

tool detail view

Tools are distributed to employees by the lender. Using the UnTouch Tags, the borrower, the duration of the loan and the location are registered with the smartphone. After the assignment, the employees return the tools (excluding consumables) and the information is stored in the UnTouch system. When the device tag is scanned, the UnTouch App tells the administrator which storage location has been defined for the tool or device. This brings order to your storage and the materials can be found more quickly.

In addition to recording the borrow and return to the entrusted persons, extensive maintenance information can be stored in addition to the locations. You will never miss a test or maintenance appointment for your device.

Target group

  • Medical supply stores
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Health centers
  • Therapeutic facilities

Areas of application

  • Borrowing and return of tools and devices such as wheelchairs, walking aids, nursing beds, blood pressure monitors, oxygen concentrators, etc.
  • Return and receiving of patient valuables for storage
  • Reservation of work equipment for direct supply after operations
  • Documentation of usage processes
  • Warehouse management of mass articles and consumable items such as blood glucose meters, syringes and gloves
  • Availability query
  • Information request on site (who has borrowed what and when)
  • Compliance with maintenance specifications and intervals

Used components

  • UnTouch Web
  • Untouch Phone + App
  • UnTouch Tags

Planned options

  • Spare parts module
  • Connection to external systems (eg software for billing)
  • Accessories localization

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More information about UnTouch

UnTouch consists of three components (cloud software, app and NFC tags) with which you can keep track of your equipment at any time and anywhere.

This is how UnTouch works

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