Borrow and take back tools collectively

With the tool borrow and return function, you can book more than one tool at once to the borrower in UnTouch Web and then collect it again in the same way. You also have the option of issuing a loan and return slip. In addition to the borrow and return per NFC via UnTouch Phone and App and the associated UnTouch Tool and Person Tags, this creates another recording option.

The tool borrowing

To start tool borrowing, navigate to the menu item of the same name in UnTouch Web. In the dialog window that opens, first enter the borrower and the location where the tools will be used. The user who starts the process in UnTouch Web is automatically set here as the lender.

After confirming, select all the tools by ticking that the employee wants to borrow from the tool table view. Only tools that are currently in the company's warehouse are available for selection. If it is a mass article or consumable, determine the desired number in the adjacent field.

By clicking on the tool borrowing symbol below the table, you confirm your selection and then receive an overview. If you want to correct something, you have the option of deselecting tools here or using the arrow to return to the tool selection

Clicking the tool borrowing symbol again closes the booking process. This receives a consecutive process number that can also be viewed in the tool journal. If you click on the text in the dialog window, you can generate and print out a borrowing form in PDF format.

The tool return

You start the return in UnTouch Web via the menu item "Tool return". If you enter the transaction number of the multi booking, you will receive all the tools assigned to this number during the borrowing. By placing a tick next to the respective tool, you confirm that it is actually in the return. After you have confirmed your selection, you can save and print out the borrow or return slip as a PDF.

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