Machine culture in handling tools

The term "machine culture" was characterised by the UnTouch co-developer Mr. Jürgen Küppers. The craft entrepreneur from Krefeld uses it to designate and measure the change in the quality in the handling of his machines, tools and devices of his company. This includes work equipment and resources. Every day, these are given out to employees in a variety of operations. They use them on the construction site to do a wide range of jobs. It is essential that the machines are perfectly usable.

Before using the UnTouch tool management, it was unclear which employee was currently or previously using the machine. This has changed with UnTouch. Now it can be traced at any time by whom and when the machine was used.

The use of a machine management has the consequence that an unnoticed return of a defective machine is no longer possible. Or possible, but it does not go unnoticed! By being able to identify the perpetrator directly, each employee strives to ensure a proper state of the tool at return.

The turnaround in the machine culture is immediately noticeable and collegial interaction is not burdened. Everyone feels responsible for the tools used and the tools remain in good condition.

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Customer comments

“Within a few days, the behavior in dealing with the machines has changed. Responsibility and care have increased noticeably.”

“Actually, everyone here trusts everyone but I wouldn't have expected such an improvement. Trust is good, control is better.”

“Of course, the constant check in and out of the tools makes more work. But at the end of the day, the result counts.”

“The abandoned drilling machine in front of the tool output counter does not exist anymore. Since it is clear who has had the machine, everyone takes care of a proper return.”

“Machine culture was a foreign word for me. After introducing UnTouch, I realized what it means.”

You have similar problems? Then take care of improving the machine culture in your company! Use the starter package or one of our other attractive packages for this. The FAQs and the attached quick start guide will help you with the introduction of tool management.

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