Organization of maintenance dates and intervals

Organize and manage tool maintenance

In order to systematically record all work equipment of a company (inventory), each of it is provided with an UnTouch Tag. Any employee wishing to use these resources will be provided with an UnTouch Person Tag for identification.

In the case of moving objects (such as projectors or laptops), UnTouch can document the movements through the issue and return function in the UnTouch App - regardless of whether it is used for a short or long time. The information can be accessed directly on the device via the UnTouch Phone or via the web interface UnTouch Web on any computer with Internet access. An inventory is thus possible at any time and in any place.

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Target group

  • Companies and businesses with a large number of high-quality tools and equipment

Application areas

  • Organization of maintenance dates and intervals
  • Compliance with maintenance templates
  • Logging of test results
  • Detection of defects in devices
  • Documentation of usage processes
  • Availability query

Used components

  • UnTouch Web
  • UnTouch Phone + App
  • UnTouch Tags

Planned options

  • Spare parts management
  • Connection to external systems (commercial software, event management)
  • CAS genesis World connection

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