UnTouch - Software for property management and building cleaning companies

Key management for companies and property managers

Whether in the property management, logistics or office: Keys to rooms, vehicles or machines must be safely controlled and managed. The frequently encountered key management with notes, books and signature lists is very error-prone. With UnTouch you can manage your keys and identify their current users and location. UnTouch is a mobile, web-based management software that keeps track of your keys anytime, anywhere.

The keys are put out by the lender to the employees. The borrower, rental period and place of use are registered with the smartphone. After completion, the employees return the keys and the necessary information is stored in the UnTouch system.

Target group

  • Companies and businesses of all economic sectors
  • Property managements
  • Building cleaning services

Application areas

  • Borrowing and return of keys for employee usage on on different objects
  • Registration of real estate, rooms, vehicles
  • Reservation of keys for specific purposes
  • Documentation of usage history
  • Availability check
  • Inquiry on site (who borrowed the key when)

Used components

  • UnTouch Web
  • UnTouch Phone + App
  • UnTouch Tags

Planned options

  • Spare parts management
  • Connection to external systems (eg property management software)
  • Accessories localization

Our product sheet
"House and key management"
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We have collected all information about UnTouch for house and key management in a product sheet for you.
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