Capturing of the tools borrows and returns
with UnTouch Phone + App

The UnTouch Phone with its preinstalled UnTouch app allows you to capture the borrowing and return of tools  contactless without typing in numbers and names.

For this it uses the NFC (near field communication) technology. With it you can also read out information of the UnTouch Tags. Handling the UnTouch Phone is easy for all users of modern mobile phones. The clear and transparent user guidance in the app leads you through all steps.

To use the UnTouch Phone + App, log in with your personal Person Tag. The smartphone is integrated via W-LAN in your corporate network within the company and transmits all information directly to UnTouch Web. Outside the company, the data can be transmitted over a cellular connection. Here you use the UnTouch Phone + App to query locations, tool names, and borrowers.

This requires a SIM card for mobile data transfer which is not included in the delivery.

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Your weatherproof companion in action:
the UnTouch Phone Outdoor

In order to enable the use of UnTouch in harsher places, such as construction sites and factory halls, we have included a UnTouch phone for outdoor use in our product range.

The smartphone convinces with its very robust, non-slip design and is not only shockproof, but also waterproof and dustproof. It fulfills the international protection standard IP68 and MIL SPEC 810H, which is also used in military equipment. Therefore, the UnTouch Phone Outdoor is also protected against continuous submersion, such as falling into a bucket of water or whirling up such as chip flying. In addition, operation with wet fingers and even with gloves is possible.

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The UnTouch App

The UnTouch app is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones in German, English and French and can be obtained from the App Store and Google Play. We also offer downloads from our server via The prerequisite for using the UnTouch app is that the respective smartphone has been activated for its own UnTouch system. Smartphones purchased through our shop are activated directly. Your own smartphones can be used with a voucher.

Home screen

NFC scan of a tool

Tool edit

Location select

Inventory check

Record overview

Tool information


Tool availability

Available languages

German, English, French

Use your own smartphone

A big advantage of UnTouch is its flexibility for mobile use. Therefore, our customers come from many industries.
With the UnTouch Phone + App Voucher we want to fulfill your desire to use your own smartphone with UnTouch.

It does not matter if it is an iPhone (from iPhone X and iOS 16) or Android Phone (from Android 7).

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The NFC chips - UnTouch Tags

We use the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to identify tools, machines and other equipment. It is the key of UnTouch. Integrated into our Tags, it enables the contactless exchange of information between the UnTouch Person, Tool or GeoTag and the UnTouch Phone, which transmits the process to UnTouch Web.
Our UnTouch Tags are available in a variety of shapes and formats.

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UnTouch Shop

You can purchase the UnTouch Starter and Inventory Package via our online shop. In addition to the packages, you have the option to order additional components such as additional smartphones or tool and person tags.

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Do you have further questions or would you like to know more about the components of the system or need help with your order? We are happy to help you.

Leave us a message using the contact form or your phone number for a personal conversation.