UnTouch - Software for universities, colleges and scientific institutes

Controlled device output at colleges and universities

Today's universities, colleges, institutes and departments have a variety of equipment, such as beamers, laptops, tablets, and scientific gauges, which are distributed to staff and students.

To manage these devices, they are systematically registered with UnTouch and provided with an UnTouch Tool Tag. Any researcher who wants to use it now will be tagged for identification with an UnTouch Person Tag key pendant.

With UnTouch for universities, the movements of the devices can now be documented by a logged borrowing  and return. Regardless of whether the use is long-term or short-term. The information can be accessed directly on the device via the UnTouch Phone or via the web interface UnTouch Web on any computer with internet access.

Target group

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Scientific institutes

Areas of application

  • Borrowing and return of equipment for scientific usage by employees
  • Registration of equipment for use in lecture halls, workshops, laboratories
  • Reservation of inventory for events or appointments
  • Adherence to maintenance intervals
  • Regeistration of defects in equipment
  • Documentation of usage procedures
  • Availability check
  • Inquiry on site (who borrowed the item and when)

Used components

  • UnTouch Web
  • Untouch Phone + App
  • UnTouch Tags

Planned options

  • Spare parts management
  • Damage management
  • Connection to external systems (event management)
  • CAS genesis World connection

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"Device management at colleges and universities"
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Customized UnTouch

If you have special requirements from your field of application, we are happy to develop the UnTouch edition tailored to your needs. Here we can, for example, replace the UnTouch standard terms, such as "tool", in your desired word choice. But also interfaces to existing software solutions in your house can be created. We look forward to working together!

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