The cloud solution for tool management with NFC and smartphone

Without the right tools, the best craftsman on the job site is sometimes at a loss. Improvisation helps, but costs time. With the UnTouch software, you can manage your tools, machines and devices and instantly identify their current locations and users.

UnTouch is a mobile, web-based tool and device management with smartphone and NFC technology (Android and iOS). It consists of three components (cloud software, app and NFC tags) that keep track of your resources anytime, anywhere.

UnTouch Web   UnTouch Phone + App   UnTouch Tags 

Save time contactless

All lending transactions are recorded contactlessly with the help of NFC tags, attached to the tools, with the UnTouch Phone in the app and transmitted to the central interface UnTouch Web. The times of painstaking typing of numbers and names are finally over.

Record the condition of your tools when they are being given out or returned. If a tool is in repair, you will find out directly where it is located and how long it is not available. Reserve a tool for a period of time so that it is really ready for the important customer appointment.

The exact logging of all processes significantly improves the handling of the machines in the company (machine culture). Manage up to 1000 machines and 100 employees with the software. An installation on your PC is not required.

All components of the device management work hand in hand

UnTouch consists of three components whose interaction makes your daily work in the area of warehouse and tool management easier. The annoying "who has what and where" can be answered with a mouse click. Get to know the individual components.

Via the smartphone or the web interface, you always have the possibility to determine the location or borrower of a device. To make this possible, tools, devices and machines are provided with an NFC tag. This makes them clearly identifiable. All information flows together in the UnTouch Web component and can be accessed there. 

You can find out what that looks like in the report of the IKZ Tool Special.

Read the IKZ report

UnTouch Web

management of all functions


The components

UnTouch Phone + App

contactless detection with NFC


UnTouch Tags

tool and person identification


Try UnTouch Web for free now!

Visit our UnTouch demo application for a first impression of the UnTouch Web information interface using a construction site operation as an example. You can start directly with the help of the user guide in UnTouch Web.

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