Update of the UnTouch App with automatic identification and maintenance

Kleiner Schalter, große Wirkung.

With the last update, the UnTouch App has two new functions. The first can be found directly after the tool rental company has registered in the main menu - called Cockpit - in the upper right corner behind the settings symbol. This is used to achieve the new switch function, with which the lender can fixate the person borrowing the tool on himself. If the switch is activated, the UnTouch Person Tag does not have to be entered again as the borrower for the loan process, which speeds up the process considerably. This is particularly useful for users who have installed the app on their own smartphone in order to borrow tools independently.


Cockpit with settings icon

Switch for fixing the borrower

Automatically set lender and borrower

Perform and log maintenance

The second major innovation is that upcoming tool maintenance can be carried out via the UnTouch App and the results can be logged. Tools are usually subject to maintenance intervals that must be observed. These can be determined in UnTouch Web for the respective tools. The tools to be serviced next are then displayed in the app in the form of a list. The displayed period can be enlarged or reduced here. If maintenance is selected, the service employee can enter the date and the result, take a photo of the maintenance document and leave an individual note. The information is transferred directly to UnTouch Web upon completion and is available to the user there via the web browser. After completion of the maintenance, the next maintenance date is created directly via the app with an interval specification, so that no maintenance is missed in the future. In this way, the entire tool life cycle can be read from the maintenance completed and pending over time. With the Scan tool function in the maintenance menu, you can jump directly to the maintenance information for a tool.

Maintenance menu

Maintenance list for the next 7 days

List of overdue maintenance

Maintenance detail view

The recording of maintenance via the UnTouch App supports the maintenance and repair culture of machines and equipment in the company, maintains their value longer and ensures operational safety. By directly digitising the process, the company can react quickly to the maintenance results. The use of tools with expired maintenance intervals is therefore a thing of the past.

The update of the UnTouch App for the fixation of the borrower and the maintenance execution is available for all users of the UnTouch tool management to download free of charge in the app stores for Android and iPhone.

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