The UnTouch app is now available for iPhones!

We have good news for you if you prefer to work with the iPhone and its iOS operating system. With the release of iOS 11, the UnTouch app is now also available for Apple's popular smartphones. So far, the use of the NFC feature in iPhones was limited to Apple Pay, with iOS 11 and iPhone 7 and up, the Apple company releases it now for third-party.

In addition to the release of the UnTouch app for iOS 11, our UnTouch customers will enjoy more features. So besteht nun die Möglichkeit Zählerstände für die Werkzeuge zu pflegen, Werkzeugsorten zu definieren und auf eine erweiterte Berichtsausgabe und neue Datenspalten in UnTouch Web zuzugreifen. It is now possible to use meter readings for the tools, to define tool types and to access extended reports and new data columns in UnTouch Web. With the likewise new function of the data import also tools and locations created in Excel can now be imported. Under the new menu item "My tools" all tools of the registered user are displayed directly. In addition, the display of the command center UnTouch Web for mobile devices has been further optimized.

The current UnTouch app is available for free through the iTunes Store. Full use of the app requires a purchase of the UnTouch system and an iPhone from generation 7 onwards. With the Smartphone Vouchercode, which can also be purchased via the UnTouch Onlineshop, the iPhone for the UnTouch system is unlocked.

With the release for iOS, another milestone in the development of UnTouch has been achieved. In our next release, it will be possible, among other things, to combine tools into set items, as well as to define maintenance requirements and employee qualification requirements for the lending of specific tools. Stay tuned!

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