New customer installation of UnTouch with tracking enables real-time availability queries

The introduction of a new version of UnTouch with tracking at G. Küppers GmbH in Krefeld marks a significant step forward for the company. With this innovative solution, devices can be easily monitored and comprehensive information on location and availability can be obtained in real time. The new function enables efficient resource planning and helps to minimise downtimes significantly.

By attaching the UnTouch GeoTags to tools or machines and setting up UnTouch Storage and Tool Trackers, the company gains a comprehensive overview of the location and use of its equipment. The tracking cockpit offers a clear presentation of all relevant information, which provides a clear insight into the availability and location of the individual devices. The current changes can be tracked at any time without having to enter the storage room or the vehicle. This automatic and user-friendly functionality is already invaluable to Jürgen Küppers and his team.

The use of GeoTags also enables seamless compatibility with the existing UnTouch Tool Tags. This means that Jürgen Küppers and his team do not have to make any major changes. The company can continue to use the existing NFC tags and combine them with the new GeoTags to take advantage of automatic tracking.

With the ability to monitor items in real-time and optimise resource scheduling, efficiency is increased and better customer service enabled. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the new UnTouch with tracking shortly. The product will be available to both new and existing customers via the web shop.

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