UnTouch new maintenance module unlocked

Regelmäßige Wartung von Werkzeugen sichert Einsatzbereitschaft und Investitionen

With the release of the new maintenance module, the tool management software "UnTouch" takes the next step towards improving the operational readiness of tools in the company. While locations and users of the tools were already traceable with it, now the monitoring and logging of regular maintenance and testing work is added. This not only includes the maintenance intervals prescribed by professional associations and testing organizations, but also enables the implementation of in-house quality standards to ensure that the tools are ready for use. In this way, the entrepreneur secures the preservation of his investments.

Each maintenance operation is represented in a maintenance record. Extensive detailed information can be maintained here. The maintenance logs to be filled out are added to the system and the desired maintenance time is defined. In addition, the user determines the cycle in which maintenance is to be carried out and who is responsible for it. With the notification function, it is possible to remind the employee of the maintenance date once or repeatedly by e-mail. After the maintenance has been carried out, he can attach the completed maintenance log and report the result via the UnTouch App or the web interface.

The employee responsible for maintenance and the office always have an overview of the maintenance status of their tools via the table view of all maintenance. Color coding of the result makes it clear whether there is a need for action or not. The maintenance history is available over the entire period of use of the tool.

With the help of maintenance templates, recurring maintenance work and its documents, such as regulations and logs to be filled out, only have to be created once. Information on the responsible employee or external service company can also be predefined together with an appointment reminder. These templates can then be used when creating a new maintenance data record, on which not only the predefined key data but also the document documents are automatically placed.

On the start screen of UnTouch Web, the Cockpit, you can also find information in the quick view about which maintenance is due next and whether due maintenance dates have already been exceeded. The maintenance dates also appear in the detailed view of the tool. Here you also have the option of creating a new maintenance data record using the corresponding button.

The maintenance module is available to all customers free of charge as part of the regular updates. Maintenance records already created in the previous version of the maintenance module are automatically transferred. Buyers of the UnTouch demo package can have their application unlocked for a new test. The new maintenance module improves the operational readiness of the tools and protects the investment in work and operating materials.

Test the "maintenance / maintenance presets" function

Visit our UnTouch demo application for a first impression of the UnTouch Web information interface using a construction site company as an example.

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