Prices, shipping costs, delivery partners

The prices listed in the offer at the time of the order apply. The prices quoted are exclusive of the applicable German VAT. Our delivery partner for parcel shipping is DHL.

  Germany Austria Switzerland
Package 4,99 € 15,00 € 30,00 €
Consignment 2,50 € - -
Consignment (international) - 4,00 € 4,00 €


Payment, payment methods

Basically, we offer the payment methods Invoice and Paypal. With each order we reserve the right not to offer certain payment methods and to refer to other payment methods. You agree that you will receive invoices and credit notes in electronic form only. The purchase price is payable on purchase on account on the day of receipt of the delivery to the customer. If the customer is in default of payment, we reserve the right to charge flat-rate dunning fees as default damages in the amount of 5.00 EUR per reminder. You are allowed to prove that the damage was less than the lump sum or no damage at all.

For any questions we are always at your disposal.