Start your tool management now
with the UnTouch Starter Package

With the starter package you get

  • access to the UnTouch Web administration interface
  • an UnTouch Phone of your choice as an NFC detection device with the associated UnTouch App or an UnTouch smartphone voucher to use an existing smartphone
  • 100 UnTouch Tool Tags and 10 UnTouch Person Tags to register your tools, machines, work equipment and employees.

More UnTouch Tags are available in our shop. You can pay easily by invoice. If you have more machines or employees, you can easily expand the package.

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Alternative service packages

In order to start comfortably with digital tool management, we have put together three other packages in addition to the Starter Package that we recommend. If the starter package is too small for you, our Inventory Package is ideal. Not sure if UnTouch is the right system for you? Then use the Demo Package for an inexpensive insight into all three components. If it is initially sufficient for you to only use the UnTouch Web command center for tool management, this is possible with the pure UnTouch Web user license, which can be expanded later with the hardware components.

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Without the right tools, the best craftsman on the job site is sometimes at a loss. Improvisation helps, but costs time. With the UnTouch software, you can manage your tools, machines and devices and instantly identify their current locations and users.

UnTouch is a mobile, web-based tool and device management with smartphone and NFC technology (Android and iOS). It consists of three components (cloud software, app and NFC tags) that keep track of your resources anytime, anywhere.

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