UnTouch lab

Future visions, process optimization and further development of existing components of the UnTouch system.

Sharing Economy

Sharing is the new possession. This motto can also translates to users of UnTouch in the future. Who has not experienced that: The expensive, measuring device that was purchased for a spechial job is around for months and is not used or an order is rejected because you do not want to buy a special device or can't afford buying it.

In the future, UnTouch Share solves this problem. If you participate in the sharing program, you can share the tools that may be used by other UnTouch owners. You define the pick-up and return conditions and the amount to which you offer the device. Other users can see that a tool is available and book it.

So it will be possible in the future to quickly find replacement tools. Check which released UnTouch tools are nearby and lend them.

The system saves money and conserves resources. The team from the UnTouch laboratory is working on a first prototype.

Automated tag registration

For automated tag registration we are currently experimenting with a tag robot. A conveyor belt transports the tags to be registered under the smartphone. After successful registration, a photocell will detect the signal and the registered tag will continue to be transported. If the tag is faulty, it will be sorted out.

UnTouch App & UnTouch App evolution

As the owner of the Untouch system you can look forward to regular updates of UnTouch App and UnTouch Web. Currently we work on the following functions:

  • Tags with GPS tracker for localization in real time
  • Connection to a spare parts system
  • Compilation of tools to a set article

If you have suggestions for further developments, we look forward to your ideas!