UnTouch success story

G. Küppers GmbH

The family company G. Küppers GmbH has existed since 1958 and is currently managed in the second generation by Jürgen Küppers and his two sons. Specializing in the heating, air conditioning and sanitation sectors, twelve industrial and four commercial employees currently enable highly flexible order processing. The range of services includes building technology from dripping water taps to maintenance and troubleshooting for oil and gas heating systems to commercial and industrial customers.

The situation before the introduction of UnTouch

The coordination of the 16 employees and their tools and materials required an orderly system. The previous tool management using a mix of pen, paper, tool coins and Excel lists was not only confusing, but also complex to maintain. If the borrower of the tool was recorded, the employees still lacked a general overview of the inventory. It was difficult to keep to the scheduled maintenance intervals and inspections. Information about the lender, the condition of the tool and the place of use was completely missing. As a result, tools that were missing during special or emergency operations were not found quickly enough and had to be delivered later. Defective devices were also handed in without, for example, later being able to trace which employee last used it in order to clarify the cause of the damage and avoid it in the future.

UnTouch was the right choice for machine management

The situation at G. Küppers GmbH was predestined for the use of UnTouch. With the cross-company program for all employees, a uniform, regulated method of tool issue and registration was automatically achieved.

UnTouch was developed on and with the customer. We know what situations arise in everyday life and how flexible the application must be. Years of project experience in the trade also help us to continuously develop UnTouch.

The acquisition of the data is significantly simplified with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC tags (UnTouch Tags) on the tool and on the employee's key ring ensure the contact-free exchange of loan and borrowing information from the people and tools involved with the smartphone (UnTouch Phone). The recorded data is brought together on a server and can be viewed at any time via a browser via the interface of the web client UnTouch Web via PC and tablet, where it is displayed in an orderly and filterable manner.

The result

The employees were pleased with the uniform approach. The changeover to the UnTouch was uncomplicated and intuitive thanks to the clear user interface design. They quickly developed fun recording their tools and rental processes. The time saved in this way led to earlier arrival of the craftsmen at the site and thus to a competitive advantage.
In the office, the administration has an overview of the entire stock of tools, while on site the craftsmen receive specific information about the position and storage locations of the tools via their smartphones and tablets.
The possibility of recording the condition when the tool is returned and the resulting traceability also led to a more conscious handling of their work materials among the employees. The entire tool culture changed and tools are now longer usable. Furthermore, the customer can now be shown how long the tools have been in use. Invoicing was therefore much less conflict-ridden.


Key management

UnTouch has been in use at G. Küppers GmbH since 2013. Impressed by the potential, Mr. Küppers now also organizes his key management for the vehicle fleet, the properties and the locations via the UnTouch system.

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„UnTouch has greatly improved the tool culture in our operation.“

// Jürgen Küppers (Managing Director)

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