Manage mass-produced items and consumables with UnTouch

With UnTouch it is possible to manage not only regular tools but also mass products and consumables, such as hammers or work gloves. This gives you an even better overview and control over your devices, materials and tools.

For this purpose, an NFC chip, the so-called UnTouch Tag, is attached to the article storage container. In the management interface of the UnTouch Web software, which can be opened with any browser, the warehouse administrator now sets up the tool in which he fills in an input mask. If he selects that it is a mass-produced item or a consumable, he is asked once for the current inventory in the storage box - after this the materials are ready for use. The difference between a mass-produced item and a consumable is that only mass-produced items can be posted for a return. Consumables remain permanently in the output and the stock is increased only by reordering.

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If a certain number of articles are now to be given out from this storage container, this output will be recorded with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the UnTouch Phone, with the UnTouch app on it. In this process, the warehouse manager and the borrower identify themselves with a key ring pendant in which there is also an NFC chip.

Then the UnTouch Tag is scanned on the storage box with the smartphone. During this an exchange of information with the Tag takes place. The app now displays the previously created article for output to the employee. Finally, the number of articles that are given out and at which location this they are taken is entered.

If the administrator confirms his details in the app, the output process is transmitted to the web interface, where not only the detailed process, but also the new stock ammount of the article can be viewed.

With the introduction of mass-produced and consumable items in UnTouch, you need to keep track of larger quantities with each product.

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You can purchase the UnTouch Starter and Inventory Package via our online shop. In addition to the packages, you have the option to order additional components such as additional smartphones or tool and person tags.

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