Create and categorise the possible locations of your tools

In UnTouch Web, you first maintain the location categories with their types and, based on this, the site and maintenance locations outside and the possible storage locations within the company. You can provide exact address information from which geographic coordinates are generated for being displayed on the map. Further sub-levels are available for each location, which make a more precise assignment possible.

external location type internal location type maintenance location (internal or external)
location category location


type = external
maintenance = no

Assembly hall 7A

Workbench 1


type = internal
maintenance = no

storage room

electrical cabinet
tray 4


type = internal
maintenance = yes

maintenance- point

mechanics room
table 5

construction site

type = external
maintenance = no


ground floor
meeting room


type = external
maintenance = yes

Repair- service Walter GmbH

Internal locations

Create location categories with the type "internal" for locations where your tools are stored or serviced in-house. These are usually located on your company premises. The location categories "operation" and "internal maintenance" were created in the demo system as an example.

storage location

The storage locations of your tools fall under the location category/categories with the type "internal". Tools that are located at this location are not displayed on the map, are directly available for borrowing and can be handed over by the lender to a borrower using the app.

External locations

Tools that are located in external locations are displayed on the map in UnTouch Web and are not directly available for borrowing. However, they can be transferred from the current borrower to a new borrower with the app using the handover function.

on site locations

List on site locations under location categories with the type external. These are locations that are usually outside the company, e.g. construction sites and project locations. But also use in the company's own production facility or transport in a vehicle fall under this category.

External maintenance locations

Places where you can have maintenance and repairs carried out outside your home, fall under location category names of the type "external" with active maintenance.

Test the "location category / locations" function

Visit our UnTouch demo application for a first impression of the UnTouch Web information interface using a construction site company as an example.

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to the UnTouch demo application