Central management of documents and maintenance logs

Documents play an important role when dealing with tools. Operating instructions, risk assessments and commercial documents give the user great support in the planning and use of devices and machines. In UnTouch it is possible to add any documents and graphics together with a type assignment to a tool data record.

Document creation for several tool data records

Document overview in list form

Document detail view

You can assign documents and reports to several tools as soon as you upload them. In further processing, it is then possible to store individual document information for each assigned tool. You decide whether the document should also be available mobile on the UnTouch App.

With the viewers for PDF and graphic files integrated in UnTouch Web, the documents can be previewed directly. This is particularly helpful for scanned documents. Likewise, the possible fields for indexing the documents are particularly extensive. With the help of version information, a name, keywords and notes, the documents created can be conveniently searched in the list view.

The list view itself is flexible, so columns can be shown and hidden and their width can be adjusted. If there is an appropriate interface to a tool manufacturer, certain documents can be automatically transferred directly to the tool system.

UnTouch customers benefit from regular, free updates. The new document function for the existing systems will soon be activated.

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