Frequently asked questions

What does the abbreviation NFC mean?

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NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

What is NFC?

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Near Field Communication (NFC for short) is a standard for transmitting data by radio over short distances. The transmission takes place in HF (13.56 MHz). This standard describes a wireless communication technology that enables a connection between an NFC-compatible device (e.g. UnTouch Phone) and an NFC tag, such as the UnTouch Tool and Person Tags. In practice, the device and tag must be close to one another.

What are NFC tags?

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An NFC tag is a tiny chip, often encased in plastic, which is usually embedded in the center of an antenna (thin conductor track in the form of a flat coil). Depending on the material, NFC tags are extremely durable. The integrated chip contains a read-write memory with a maximum data transfer rate of 424 KBits/s.

Can the NFC tags also be used on metallic surfaces?

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Almost all of the NFC tags we offer are provided with a special anti-metal coating and can therefore also be read on metallic surfaces without any problems. You can see whether there is an anti-metal coating in the respective product detail pages in the shop.

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How does NFC work on smartphones?

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NFC-capable smartphones, such as our UnTouch Phones, have an active NFC transmitter and an antenna that is either integrated in the housing cover or in the battery. This active NFC transmitter creates an electromagnetic field. If an NFC tag comes into this field, the NFC tag is activated via the NFC antenna and sends its information to the smartphone.

Do all smartphones have an NFC feature?

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NFC is already standard on many smartphones. You can see from the functional description whether your smartphone

Can I use my own smartphone with UnTouch?

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Your own smartphone can be activated for the use of UnTouch with the voucher purchasable in our shop. An existing NFC function and Android version 7 or iOS 11 with iPhoneX and newer are required. Tablets can be used to work with UnTouch Web.

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Can I use any NFC tags with UnTouch?

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No, the UnTouch Tool and Person Tags are only registered for use with your UnTouch system. Accordingly other NFC tags are not being recognized.

Why can't I scan the UnTouch Tags?

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Make sure your smartphone's NFC feature is turned on. Depending on the device used, the antenna area is placed differently (on iPhones, for example, at the top edge). If necessary, reduce the distance between the smartphone and its antenna area to the UnTouch Tag to less than 1 cm.

Where can I order UnTouch Phones and Tags?

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If you need more UnTouch Phones and Tags, you can reorder them in our shop. Before being shipped they are registered for your system and are immediately available.

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Do I get regular updates for my UnTouch system?

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Yes, future updates and developments of the management interface and UnTouch App are already included in the UnTouch Web license.

Is there a more robust UnTouch Phone for the construction site?

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Yes, the UnTouch Phone Outdoor has a large 5000 mAH battery, can be operated with gloves and is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof according to IP69. It can also be ordered in the UnTouch Shop and will be registered by us directly for your UnTouch system.

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Can I also access information about my tools and machines on the construction site?

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If a SIM card with internet connection is inserted, you can use the UnTouch app to query information such as the borrower, upcoming maintenance and reservations of a tool.

Are the current locations of my machines being displayed when using the UnTouch Tool Tags?

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The UnTouch Tool Tags do not have a GPS location function, as the permanent tracking of tools via GPS requires the use of SIM cards and larger battery-operated tag modules. Since this means a high cost and maintenance effort, we have developed an indirect location determination. For this purpose, the locations and the geographic coordinates of the UnTouch Phone specified when the tool is issued are used when the UnTouch Tool Tag is recorded and then output on a map in UnTouch Web. If there are several tools in one place, they are put together in list form to form one location.

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I have additional requirements and ideas about UnTouch. Can these be implemented?

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We are in regular contact with users and associations to further develop UnTouch. The establishment of individual interfaces to other databases and software solutions as well as additional functions on customer request is possible through our "Industry and Administration" version. Good ideas are always welcome!

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Can I receive an offer to present to the management?

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We will gladly prepare an individual, written offer for the desired UnTouch system. Please use our inquiry form or send us an e-mail to:

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The number of UnTouch Tags and Phones contained in the Starter Package is not sufficient. Is it possible to expand?

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You can easily order additional UnTouch Tags, Smartphones and Vouchers directly with your first order. It may also make sense to start directly with the larger UnTouch Inventory Package. The expansion is also possible at a later date by placing a follow-up order in the shop. The additional UnTouch Tags are accordingly registered free of charge on your personal UnTouch system. To assign the system we use your order data from the shop.

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How can I test UnTouch?

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We recommend the UnTouch Demo Package to test UnTouch. With it you have the opportunity to fully test UnTouch for four weeks. To do this, activate your own smartphone with the UnTouch Smartphone Voucher to use the UnTouch App. You can also try out the functions of UnTouch Web free of charge in our demo application without placing an order.

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Are trainings offered on UnTouch?

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We provide training via webinar as well as in presence meetings. Visit the point UnTouch Training on our website.

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