Keep the overview on the building site

On large building sites numerous machines, tools and equipment are used. The output is made by the material manager. After use, the machines are returned. With UnTouch you can easily keep track of whether everything is complete again. Furthermore, defective tools can be booked out directly for maintenance or replacement can be provided.

The machines are provided for unambiguous identification with UnTouch Tool Tags. Each employee receives an NFC key ring pendant, the UnTouch Person Tag, for identification. The control and information provisioning of the system can easily be done via the web interface of UnTouch Web.

Target group

  • Companies and enterprises that operate or maintain large building sites

Areas of application

  • Borrowing and return of machines on the building site
  • Borrwoing and return of keys for employee usage on the building site
  • Reservation of machines for specific uses
  • Documentation of usage procedures
  • Availability check
  • Inquiry on site (who borrowed the machine and when)
  • Recording of machine running times
  • Compliance with maintenance intervals

Used components

  • UnTouch Web
  • Untouch Phone + App
  • UnTouch Tags

Planned options

  • Spare parts management
  • Connection to external systems (eg craftsman software, project management, project planning)

Test the function of UnTouch Web

Visit our UnTouch demo application for a first impression of the UnTouch Web information interface using a construction site company as an example.

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