The cloud solution for tool management
with NFC technology and smartphone

Your machines, tools and measuring equipment under control

UnTouch is a mobile, web-based tool and device management with smartphone and NFC technology (Android and iOS). It consists of three components (cloud software, app and NFC tags) that keep track of your resources anytime, anywhere.

With your UnTouch Phone (smartphone) you can easily retrieve information
about borrowers, locations and availability.


Check at any time online with UnTouch Web or on-site using the UnTouch Phone + App directly at the tool who works with it.


UnTouch Web and App shows you where your tools are and who works with them. Your data is stored in a secure cloud.


Tools are clearly marked with NFC tags (UnTouch Tool Tags) so they can be captured by the UnTouch Phone without contact.

Get to know the three components of UnTouch

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Our latest development:
The UnTouch cable clamp

Feedback from our customers is an essential guide in the development of UnTouch and machine management accessories. After the extension of the range of UnTouch tool tags in the form of cable ties and pendants, we are pleased to introduce our new product from this series.

The UnTouch Cable Clamp is designed for users who do not want to attach the tool tag directly to the tool but to the cable. It encloses power cables with the diameter 9 mm. In the body of each clamp is a special NFC tag, which allows the exchange of information with UnTouch.

Our clamps are characterized by a robust, compact design. They sit stably on the cable and can be reused by opening up the brackets.

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Visit our UnTouch demo application for a first impression of the UnTouch Web information interface using a construction site operation as an example.
You can start directly with the help of the user guide in UnTouch Web.

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UnTouch Shop

You can purchase the UnTouch Starter and Inventory Package via our online shop.
In addition to the both packages, you have the option to order additional components such as
additional smartphones or tool and person tags.
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